Hulkamania lives on, brother!

The boys were introduced to wrestling (WWE) today. A long time ago I was completely an utterly addicted to wrestling; I started watching it around the time of Wrestlemania 2 – thought Wrestlemania 3 was the first one I was allowed to watch live, after I’d had a nap that afternoon – and never really stopped until about five years ago. Though I always watched Wrestlemania and, if I was in the house, I would catch the highlights of RAW and Smackdown.

I was so enamoured by wrestling that not only would I catch the local (at the time) shows, in and around London, Essex, and Kent, mostly but also trained a little with NWA Hammerlock and FWA. I was lucky enough to train with Doug Williams at one point. I also started writing during my wrestling phase, being part of a hobby called e-fedding which was where you wrote the life of a wrestler. Cool days.

Today, though, for the first time, my boys sat either side of me and watched some wrestling themselves. I explained that they couldn’t ever try it, and that the wrestlers were like actors (so not all bad/good/evil, etc), and that while they could (and did) get hurt they weren’t really trying to hurt/kill each other.
They both want to watch Wrestlemania 30 now, 30 years after I started watching it they are getting into it too. That is kinda cool.

Mackenzie liked Kofi Kingston and John Cena (DEFINITELY something about him that appeals to kids!), and Nathaniel liked El Toroito – a midget wrestler dressed like a bull :)

They both liked Hulk Hogan …the man that got me into wrestling too.

Hulkamania lives on, brother! :)