Three pieces of writing related news.

Number 1:

They say that a picture paints a thousand words so I think that I will just let the below image do the talking for me other than to say that I am extremely happy that they have confidence in the brief and synopsis I sent to them – this is really going to go a long way to helping ensure that ‘Redemption’ gets finished!


Number 2:

I’m attending my first convention/event as a guest next weekend. I’ve been asked to attend the Titan Festival, which is all about the titans of Ulster writing and media. This includes a series of Masterclasses in story-telling skills, both written and visual. The climax is the Top Independent Talented Artistes N.I. Awards – or TITANIAs for short.

I’m going to be debating with a local horror novelist and movie make, Philip Henry over which horror staple – zombies or vampires – is best. I will, obviously, be taking on the winning side of that argument: zombies :)

So, if you’re in Belfast next Saturday 23rd come along – should be fun!

Number 3:

I am taking part in an Haiyan Benefit Anthology which is being put together to help raise money for aid to those affected by Haiyan. The theme of the book will be within the realms of mythology and legends of the Phillipines and surrounding areas. This anthology will feature prose, sequential art (comics), pinups and fine art.
This is a not-for-profit endeavour and all proceeds will be going to the Philippine Red Cross.
The talent arrayed for it is stunning and I am proud to play a little part in it.

If you don’t want to wait to buy the books to help then head on over for other ways to help. Then buy the books too and help again.