Kickstart this: War Stories Anthology

war stories2

It’s official: War Stories will be launching on Kickstarter at 1200 hrs Eastern Time on Monday, -October 14th.

War has been speculated about in science fiction literature from the earliest days of the genre. From George Tomkyns Chesney’s The Battle of Dorking and H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds & War In the Air to Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers to Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series and Dan Abnett’s Embedded, science fiction literature has long had something to say about war in its pages. Now, it’s time to tell some new stories. War Stories is an anthology that looks to the modern state and the future of war through the words of some of the best short fiction authors writing today.

Our cover art is by the fantastic, Hugo Award winning artist Galen Dara, who’s worked for such places as Fireside Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, Geek Love and Apex’s own Glitter and Mayhem anthology.

Our authors include original and reprint fiction from:

Joe Haldeman

Keith Brooke

Jake Kerr

Yoon Ha Lee

Ken Liu

T.C. McCarthy’s

Linda Nagata

Mike Sizemore

Janine Spendlove

James L. Sutter

…and more to be announced soon!

Set your calendars accordingly and get ready for action.