Sorry for the bold letters but I wanted to get your attention.

With Painted Words & is a monthly, online literary magazine which I founded in September 2009.

The way that With Painted Words works is slightly different from other magazines; every month a new image is chosen as a prompt and, for that month, all submissions must have used it as their inspiration – no matter how slight, vague or metaphorical it is there must be some form of link between the image and the work.
Simply put With Painted Words is a creative writing site that puts the adage, “a picture paints a thousand words” to the test.

I am SORELY in need of more artwork and/or photography and would like your help (YES YOU!). You can do this by either submitting to me, if you are an artist/photographer, or sharing this post so that your friends who are artists/photographers may see it and submit.

Thank you kindly, good people! :)