A new year and a new story available.

The very first WiFile of 2013 is now available for your reading pleasure and it is a doozy. Crimes Against Humanity By Rhonda Parrish is a zombie tale puts that humanity is at the forefront of the tale. To whet your appetite, here is an excerpt:

I don’t need your pity. There are the whiners who will go on and on about how we’re the unfortunate ones, like somehow surviving is worse than being turned into one of them. Bullshit, man, that’s just utter crap. Sure it’s tough, surviving, but it beats the crap out of the alternative. Dead is, well, dead and undead is worse. Fucking whiners. I mean, I know where they’re coming from, there’s a reason the pharmaceutical companies were among the first things to be re-organized and given resources and trust me, I pop a rainbow of meds everyday just like the next guy, but still…

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