Another year bites the dust.

So it looks like the Mayans were wrong – though, in actuality, I never thought they were ‘right’ – as we are going to continue on our merry way into 2013 so I thought that this was a great time to have a look back.

It has been another great year.

I am with my wonderful wife, best friend, and soul mate: Carole.

Our two boys – Mackenzie and Nathaniel – continue to be wonderful and while I can no longer call them babies, as they are five and three, they are – and always will be – my babies.

I started working with the Northern Ireland Rare Disease Partnership this year, and had a verbal sparring match with my Minister for Health on my birthday.  I became a Governor at my kids’ school and a Director for the Arts and Disability Forum for Ireland.  This is part of how I feel I can give back.

I saw another of my two students become black sashes in Kung Fu and realise that no matter how long I stay active in the school I have shaped a legacy that will go on as long as the school exists (and beyond).

I became a co-host on the Following The Nerd radio show, and contributing writer on the website, with the bonus of meeting the owner, Marc Savage who has become a really good friend.  Through that I have spoken to people like Chris Ryall, Declan Shalvey, Will Sliney and Todd McFarlane – yes, this nerd is living the dream.

If I get through the next twenty four hours I will have gone a full year without being in hospital or A&E (yes, I am counting down the minutes!).  I have had many a treatment and drug trialled and, disappointingly, still no mutant powers.

I attended a two day writing work shop with Colin Bateman and, from that, I have solidified not only my desire to write but also my intent to write better and professionally.

I have had a further seven stories published this year, sharing cover space with two people whose writing I adore: Wayne Simmons and David Moody.

I have plotted my first novel, the research stage is mostly finished, and the outlining complete; actual fingers to the keyboard recommences early in the New Year (the 2nd of January, to be exact).

I have published over 100 stories for With Painted Words and The WiFiles, and have read in excess of 1000 stories along the way to that.

…and now 2013 is about to commence, with 2012 coming to an end, I wonder just what the chapter of the story will bring?  Whatever it is I bet it will be interesting!