New Release: Trip of a Lifetime anthology

Announcing the release of Trip of a Lifetime: An Anthology from Sleeping Cat Books, featuring me.

What is your idea of the trip of a lifetime? Is it relaxing on a sandy Caribbean beach? Traveling through parts of Europe? Or do you prefer to stay closer to home and travel through your imagination? Sometimes the trip of a lifetime can be the one you never expected to take. And sometimes a trip becomes quite memorable for the wrong reasons.

In this collection of short stories, poetry, and non-fiction, you will find our contributors’ ideas of the “trip of a lifetime.” Perhaps you’ll find your own ideas in these pages, or perhaps we’ll spark the desire for you to go out and make your own memories!

Trip of a Lifetime: An Anthology is now available in the following formats:

Paperback: | Amazon UK

Kindle: US | UK

Nook: Click here

Kobo: Click here