Ecko Rising by Danie Ware

A unique genre-bending fantasy–sci-fi epic, Ecko Rising is the astonishing debut from Danie Ware.

September 2012 • £7.99 • Paperback / 9780857687623 • E-book / 9781781162835

Ecko: Rising follows a savage, gleefully cynical anti-hero immersed in his own fantasy world. Ecko joins a misfit cast of characters and strives to conquer his deepest fears and save the world. Danie Ware says, “Ecko: Rising is sardonic fantasy, a sharp new slant on the genre, scattered with a healthy dusting of sex, violence and sarcasm. I’ve read fantasy, on and off, since I was a teen – and you can’t put a new twist on something unless you fell in love with it to start with! I wanted to push back its boundaries, make it do something different, something smarter and darker – but also something that we’d understand and recognise.”

Ecko: Rising, and its sequel scheduled for publication next year, will appeal to those who love fantasy, classic or modern, those intrigued by new concepts, and those with a liking for twisted anti-heroes.

Danie Ware is the publicist and event organiser for cult entertainment retailer Forbidden Planet. She has been immersed in the science-fiction and fantasy community for the past decade. An early adopter of blogging, social media and a familiar face at conventions, she appears on panels as an expert on genre marketing and retailing. Ecko Rising is her first novel. You’ll find Danie on twitter @danacea and at

Danie Ware says, “Working at FP has allowed me to work with some of best-known and most-respected SF/F authors working today – and that’s a heck of a thing to try and live up to. This world, and some of its central concepts and characters, began in my fiancé’s from room, in Ashford in Kent, in 1989 – and it’s grown and evolved over years of games, stories, and world-sharing. I haven’t consciously built it – it’s almost built itself.”

For further information to request an interview please contact: Sophie Calder – / 020 7803 1906 / @titanpublicist

Ecko Rising, Titan Books, September 2012, original paperback, £7.99

TITAN PUBLISHING GROUP is an independently owned publishing company, established in 1981. Titan’s growing list of fiction includes the hugely popular horror series Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, The Lost Fleet military science fiction books by Jack Campbell, the Southern Gothic Eden Moore series by Cherie Priest and the exceptional pulp crime list, Hard Case Crime. New titles for 2012 include David J. Kowalski’s alternate history The Company of the Dead, Dana Fredsti’s urban fantasy Plague Town, Samit Basu’s Turbulence and Lo’Life: Romeo Spikes by Joanne Reay. In addition, Titan Books will be publishing backlist reissues from Philip Jose Farmer, Michael Moorcock and Kevin J. Anderson, new works from James P. Blaylock and George Mann, and Lovecraftian anthologies edited by S.T. Joshi and Stephen Jones. Titan Books also publish an extensive line of media- and pop culture-related non-fiction, graphic novels, fantasy and computer gaming art, and music books.

Marie Stopes opens in Northern Ireland

I feel a rant coming on; you have been warned.

Northern Ireland today sees the opening of a Marie Stopes clinic. To give you a brief idea of what Marie Stopes offer they do contraception guidance and supplies, health screening for men and women, STI testing, vasectomy counseling and procedures, female sterilization counseling and procedures, the morning after pill, and yes they give advice on abortions and carry them out too … ONLY if the fetus is under 9 weeks and there is a medical cause for the mother herself. That is the same as any NHS hospital in NI.

However the press, the politicians and the rabid public are only seeing one thing, which is evident in what they are calling the place: ‘ABORTION CLINIC’!!!

Now the Northern Ireland Attorney General has called for a Stormont investigation into the opening of the first private clinic in Belfast ‘to offer abortions.’ The thing is that Stormont has been very aware of this place opening for a loooooong time, in fact it is even being run by a former Stormon MLA, Dawn Purvis.

Yes, abortions are a very emotive topic but I wish that people would actually do two things: 1/ do the research and find out the factual information before they get all irate about something and 2/ leave the sensationalism out of things and report – or comment – on it openly and fairly.

The fact of the matter is that the Marie Stopes clinic has said it will carry out medical, not surgical, procedures only up to nine weeks gestation and only within the existing legal framework.

It said that the health professionals in the clinic will be from Northern Ireland and that they will make the assessments, although the views of the woman’s own GP will be taken into consideration.

They are doing the same thing that is ALREADY available, via the NHS, anywhere in Northern Ireland; all they are doing is giving a rounded service to do with sexual health, under one roof.

They are NOT offering a private abortion service, on demand, for any reason, up to 24 weeks … which is what the press and public seem to be implying.

So pro-choice or pro-life, it doesn’t actually make a difference at the moment – just get the facts right and stop making a sensitive issue into a hysterical witch-hunt that is only hurting and demonising the people that the clinic is trying to help.

Feel free to comment – however if it gets personal or stupidly over the top be aware that I will delete the comment.