Short story ‘En Pointe’ now available at Metro Moms Network.

 Just to let you know that my short story – ‘En Pointe’ – is now available to read over at Metro Fiction, the fiction column at Metro Moms Network.

Teaser: “Personal space was a distant memory as everyone was forced into uncomfortable proximity; little more than cattle. They huddled even closer – for warmth and comfort – pressed together despite the fetid smells that pervaded the air. Sweat, vomit, urine and other bodily excretions stained clothing and floor alike as people languished in their own filth. Three days inside the wagon, without food or water, had taken its toll mentally, physically and emotionally. Blank faces stared ahead with unseeing eyes. Low moans of despair were muted by deprivation and the never-ending cacophony of the shriek of metal on metal as the miles of track were eaten up.”

To read the rest of ‘En Pointe’ please click here.  Please feel free to comment about the story.

This story will be available as part of Metro Fiction’s anthology, ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ later this year.