Rare Disease Day 2012


Rare Disease Day 201229 February 2012 is Rare Disease Day … and also my birthday.

Something that I don’t normally make public but, considering the importance of the event, have decided to do now is let people know that I suffer from a rare, and sometimes debilitating, disease myself.  I’m ‘coming out of the closet’ (so to speak) about my own illness because hopefully, by doing so, it may help raise awareness of other people’s issues.

So, to help to raise awareness for patients, families and carers living affected by rare diseases worldwide I’m going to be posting (hopefully) interesting information until the end of February – I will keep a list and link of all related posts right here, for easy access (if you want to bookmark this one to find them all … kind of like the one ring, but without ll the angst).

I am also going to try to do more … maybe on the 29th itself … so watch this space!

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If you are affected by a rare disease, or you know someone who is, please feel free to contact me if you would like to share your experience on here as that would be more than welcome!


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