Eagle Award nominations closing soon!

This year’s Eagle Award nominations – the comic industry’s longest established awards – close very soon. I may make the shortlist if you vote for me in the following two categories:

Q10: Favourite Editor – Jay Faulkner
Q25: Favourite Comics-Related Book – ‘Powers – A Superhero Anthology’

I have to be honest and state it is the second category (Q25: Favourite Comics-Related Book) that I would be most stoked about :)

So, if you feel so inclined, follow this link – http://www.eagleawards.co.uk/ – and vote, vote, vote …. and thanks in advance!

Want to shape my future novel?

In the next few months I intend to start drafting what will hopefully become a novel – however I have two ideas which are both actively competing for my attention, both of which I like and think could go the distance. So, I’ve decided to let other people make the decision about which one I commit to … those other people being you guys! :)

Option one has a working title of ‘Careful what you wish for’ and is a about a Muslim, female, tattoo artist who has to fight the bureaucracy of the local cops when a shipment of ink that she ordered from the Middle East turns up with a dead body enclosed. That is the least of her worries, however, when something else that travelled with the shipment breaks free and is out for blood – specifically hers. I ‘think’ that it would be fair to call this a crime thriller the deviates into an urban/supernatural fantasy piece without losing the hard-edged/noir-esque feel to things.

Option two has a working title of ‘Redemption’ and starts of as an Old West, horse riding, gun slinging story that quickly turns into survival horror as our protagonist (let’s call him ‘Joe’ for now) rides into a horde of zombies about to chow down on a young girl tied to a cross in the middle of the country. I can’t go into much detail about this one but it will cover three VERY different time zones … one could call them past, present and future, I suppose … and will have elements of post-apocalyptic horror, Western sensibilities, Biblical connotations, and all out mayhem and action everywhere you look. Did I mention zombies? For the record this story will never be what you are expecting, I promise you that! :)

So, my lovlies – what say you?

Head over to my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thejayfaulkner) – or reply here – and case your vote for:

Option 1 – Careful what you wish for


Option 2 – Redemption

POWERS – eligible for an Eagle Award!

Powers cover I just wanted to let everyone know that the anthology I edited, ‘POWERS – A Superhero Anthology‘, is eligible for an Eagle Award!

For those of you that don’t know what the Eagles are, here is their blurb (http://www.eagleawards.co.uk):

INTRODUCED in 1976, the Eagle Comic Awards are the comic industry’s longest established awards, acknowledged as the pre-eminent international accolades. The Eagles have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 30 years, unique in that they reflect the people’s choice and comprise of two distinct stages.”

The awards are for all aspects of comic books, and comic related entertainment – and as POWERS is an anthology of super heroic tales it was not only eligible but some kind soul put forth a nomination.

Now, this award is in two stages: the first is the nominations. Every title has to actually get votes, at this stage, to go through to the real ‘voting’ stage with the top five nominations in each category moving on. To be honest it is pretty cool just to even be eligible for nominations but it would be amazing to go through to the top five voting stage and be in with a chance of even winning!

… so, this is where you come in.

If you would like to take a few minutes of your time to help push POWERS a little higher all you need to do is go to the Eagle Awards site (http://www.eagleawards.co.uk) and fill in their survey – when you get to Q10: Favourite Editor it would be really nice if you put me (Jay Faulkner) as your choice, and when you get to Q25: Favourite Comics-Related Book please choose ‘Powers – A Superhero Anthology‘ – after that all you need to do is verify your email address by clicking a link which will be emailed to your from the Eagle Awards site.

Cy Dethan, the professional comic book writer who very kindly did the introduction for the anthology, is also up for a couple of awards so if you are filling out the survey anyway it would be extra nice of you if you took the time to help him out – his sections are: Q1: Favourite Newcomer Writer; Q3: Favourite Writer, Q14: Favourite British Comicbook: Colour (SLAUGHTERMAN’S CREED).

… and, if you decide that you would like to go one step further by asking your friends, family, work colleagues and even your doctor to do it too that would be amazing!

C’mon, lets get this anthology noticed again!

Link to nominations:- http://www.eagleawards.co.uk


POWERS is available at the following places: Amazon (US) ~ Amazon (UK) ~ Waterstones ~ Barnes & Noble