‘Santa, in the Off-Season’ an anti-festive tale!

Evil Santa
Already tired of the merriment, tinsel and all-around good cheer? Then check out this very dark, must read, ‘Christmas’ tale to go against the grain today: ‘Santa, in the Off-Season’, by D. Frederick Cook, over at The WiFiles.

Excerpt: Sometimes I like to slide down the chimney if they have one. All dolled up in the fuckin suit. You know – do it up big like Christmas morning. Pop out, full of fuckin soot, coughin like a motherfucker. Not that they ever notice. Johnny sittin on the couch, workin on his fourteenth beer. Sees me there while he’s watchin the news or watchin the Late Show. Sometimes they think they’re dreamin. Other times they think they’re bein robbed. This one time, this real rat-lookin fucker actually came out of the bedroom, saw me standin there, and he said – I swear to Christ he actually said – “But it’s only August.” And me coughin soot and coughin smoker’s cough, standin there with my big bag of presents slung over my shoulder. Nothin in it but a shotgun. … continue here

Disclaimer: this is NOT one for the kiddies, easily offended, or anyone who wants to keep their idea of Christmas in line with Hallmark … you have been warned! :)

Wayne Simmons’ Weekly Round-Up – ‘With This Ring…’ mentioned.

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The ever awesome, and all-round good guy, Wayne Simmons, author of bestselling zombie horror novel, FLU and apoc-horror, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS … sequels to both are due imminently ( and if you aren’t reading his stuff then you got to ask yourself why not then head out and buys his books!!!) posted a little something about ‘With This Ring, I Bleed, Dead!’ over on his blog’s weekly round-up so I think that you should all head on over and check it out here:

‘With This Ring, I Bleed, Dead!’ is available now at Amazon in print and Kindle editions (print edition at Amazon.co.uk is on it’s way!!!)

Amazon (print)

Amazon (Kindle)

Amazon UK (Kindle)

… and many, many, more places!

Rigor Amortis on Barnes & Noble’s list of the Best Zombie Novels of 2011!

Rigor Amortis banner image

Rigor Amortis – which features my story, ‘Always and Forever’ – is #10 on Barnes & Noble list of best zombie books for 2011!

On top of that I just got a congratulations comment, on Facebook, from Jonathan frikkin’ Maberry … whose book, ‘Dead of Night’, is also on that list … so I think that this counts as a good writing day!


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Rigor Amortis (ISBN: 978-1-894817-83-7), edited by Jaym Gates and Erika Holt and can be purchased at the following locations:

Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

… and many, many, more places!

‘Tarnish’ now available in ‘With This Ring, I Bleed, DEAD!’ anthology

Just to let you know that my short story – ‘Tarnish’ – is now available to purchase as part of Rainstorm Press’ anthology, ‘With This Ring, I Bleed, DEAD!’

With This Ring cover image

With This Ring, I Bleed, DEAD!
Edited and Compiled by Lyle Perez-Tinics and Charlotte Emma Gledson
Art by April Guadiana

Book Description

Love can be deadly… Rainstorm Press presents ten warped stories of murderous, deranged brides and grooms and the families that have been affected by the curse of marital bliss. Turbulent emotions go awry as jealousy and betrayal burst through these pages like a gunshot to the chest. Tension and tragedy will tantalize, leaving you wondering if your partner really meant it when he said, I DO…

Purchase information

‘With This Ring, I Bleed, DEAD!’ (ISBN: 978-1937758042 / ASIN: B006J11VR0) can be purchased at the following locations:

Amazon (print)

Amazon (Kindle)

Amazon UK (Kindle)

… and many, many, more places!

Rainstorm Press

Rainstorm Press is an independent publishing house that publishes a variety of genres that include horror, dark romance, mystery & thrillers and some erotica – http://www.rainstormpress.com/

Review copies

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