Guest Blog: Teller by Chris Howard

Teller cover Andin Teller can change the world with a pencil and paint brush.

Teller isn’t just his name. It’s what he is—someone who can manipulate memories, reality and even shift time with the right pencil line, paint stroke, or story. But it doesn’t come without a cost, and he isn’t alone.

When he discovers his mother is part of an otherworldly organized crime family in the middle of a secret war—and has been abducted by a rival family, Andin sets out to rescue her with his closest friends, Taryn, a mathematics and patterning genius, and down-to-earth, motorcycle-driving Itoshi.

With their help, Andin navigates a world he doesn’t understand, taking on family betrayers, killers, and others like himself—others who have powers greater than his own.

About the Author

Chris Howard bio photo Chris Howard writes science fiction, fantasy novels and short stories.  Seaborn (Juno Books) was his first novel, and it’s the middle book in “The Seaborn Trilogy”, which begins with Saltwater Witch, and ends with Sea Throne. His collection of fantasy and SF stories, Always Becoming (Lykeion) was published early in 2011. His short stories have appeared in Fantasy Magazine, The Harrow, Another Realm and elsewhere. His short story “Hammers and Snails” was a Heinlein Centennial Short Fiction Contest winner.

Chris is also an illustrator, working in watercolors, ink, charcoals, and digital formats, with a bunch of commissions and illustrations, including a 9×12 foot “Steampunk Map of New York” for a cafe in Brooklyn and ink work in issue 10 of Shimmer Magazine.  He is working on a graphic novel of Saltwater Witch (  He has art spread over several sites, but a good place to start is


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Cover art: “Teller” by Chris Howard