Rigor Amortis lives on*

* probably best to say that it unlives on, shuffles on, or whatever it is that zombies actually do, but you get the point and if you don’t here it is:

Rigor Amortis banner image

Brian Hades – owner of Hades Publications, the largest dedicated Canadian Publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy – whose Absolute Xpress imprint originally published Rigor Amortis in October 2010 has decided to release it on EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.

If you don’t know about EDGE then perhaps these two facts will help you realise why I am rather happy about this fact:

1 – EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing’s specialty is great book-length science fiction and fantasy literature, produced by people who care about books, readers, booksellers and authors.


2 – EDGE includes the Award Winning Tesseracts Anthology and has won the Aurora Award several times.

The biggest benefit of Rigor Amortis moving from the Absolute Xpress imprint to EDGE is that EDGE books can be found in national retail chains so Rigor Amortis will now be available in book stores (and libraries) rather than just online!

I’ve never met the guy but I have a whole lot of love and gratitude for Brian Hades for the confidence he has shown by supporting Rigor Amortis – this really is the little book that could.

If you want to support the little book that could, the editors (Jaym and Erika), the writers (me included) and indie publishing as a whole then you can do your part pretty easily … get yourself a copy of Rigor Amortis! :)

So, put it in your diary – Rigor Amortis is coming back October 2011 bigger, better and hungrier than ever!

… braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnz!