The small gods are appeased

I’m not sure which small god I originally offended, or how (possibly the small god of WordPress, perhaps the small god of technogoly or maybe even just the small god of having bright ideas ;) ) but somewhere along the line I must have done it because during a recent upgrade of my WordPress software, and a couple of the plugins, something happened … namely, it stopped working (or, as my wife likes to say, I broke it).

Obviously there is an element of Sod’s Law (maybe you know of that as Murphy’s Law where in anything that can go wrong, will go wrong … but only when and where it really matters ;) ) in all of this as I am attempting to take part in ‘write365′ and write something, every day, for a year.

… admittedly there was also an element of stupidity as I (of course) ignored the hint to take a backup before doing anything and just merrily went about, willy nilly, upgrading this, that and everything.

Anyhoo, after some intense and prolonged work (ok, in truth when I found out that things weren’t working I spent some time banging the monitor, a bit more shouting at it and – when that didn’t work – I even turned it on and off again. Nothing helped!) I’ve finally tweaked, tugged and … erm … other productive words beginning with ‘t’ enough that I am able to post to my blog again, as well as (hopefully) ensuring that the automatic links to LiveJournal and Twitter are working, which means you, my ever faithful and wonderful readers, are lucky enough to have me back in your life.

… go with that last part, it is good for my ego …

Also, in case you were worried – and of course you were, because you are not only faithful and wonderful readers, but also kind, considerate and caring too – I haven’t failed in my ‘write365′ endeavours at all. Nay, for just because I haven’t been able to update my blog doesn’t mean I haven’t been blogging – I have journal style pieces … on ACTUAL paper, in ACTUAL ink … ready to transcribe back on here!

So, screw you Murhpy, I beat you!!!

… erm, fate risking comment, I suppose but, really, what’s the worst that can happen? ;)