365 days of words.

Why am I doing this?

That would make quite an interesting opening line for a multitude of stories, covering all genres, wouldn’t it? Even now, as I am typing something else, as a preamble to typing what this post is actually meant to be about, I have quite a few ideas for where that first line could go; there is one place I know, immediately, that it won’t go: next.

You see this post – in fact this whole category of posts yet to come – is simply being done because I am foolish enough have decided to take up the challenge of a few of my friends and attempt to write something, here, every single day of 2011.

I actually do write every day, where possible (there are occasions, normally relating to my personal health or my family, where words come second) though I don’t always ‘publish’ it for other people’s consumption. I also don’t make it a goal to sit down and write every day, either. Those are the two things that are going to be different for this challenge, I suppose.

If you want to blame someone (or someones) – and you won’t be alone as I am already planning on blaming him or her myself when I regret doing this! – feel free to do so by checking out the following ‘every day’ blogs:

Pete – http://oneyearinwords.wordpress.com

Nate – http://everydayraby.wordpress.com

Dan – http://writing.sackettsolutions.com

Andrew – http://everingoodstead.wordpress.com

Anyway, I don’t know what I am going to write in this thing. At the start I thought that it may simply be fiction but, to be honest, I am not planning on writing fiction every day this year but, rather, working on larger pieces or refining existing ones. As I don’t want this to become a chore I have decided to simply write whatever I am thinking at the moment. Stream of consciousness, perhaps, or maybe just a journal style review of the previous day. To be honest it may degenerate into pure dribbling jibberish, but that isn’t really all that different from the usual and you may not even notice.

So, that is the what of this thing, and the why I am doing it. There where should be pretty simple as you are reading this (it was alsmot going to be at www.everydayjay.com … don’t click it, it doesn’t exist … as Josh tempted me into nearly buying it but I asked myself ‘do I really need another domain name?’ My answer was YES! but my wife’s was somewhat different ;) ).

As for how it goes … well that is yet to be seen.