New acceptances for print anthologies

I thought that I should share the fact that I have a few pieces of work coming up in various anthologies. Two reasons for this, of course:

1 – to share the news, simple as that. I am happy and excited to see my work appear in print so it is nice to share good news :)


2 – so that all of you, my faithful readers* can rush out and spend your hard earned money to keep me in the lifestyle to which I am familiar with**

Here is what is coming up:

‘Blind Faith’ and ‘Bloom’ in an upcoming anthology entitled ‘Daily Flash 2011′.

‘Mary’, my take on an old fairy tale, in an anthology entitled ‘Caught by Darkness’.

‘The Crimson Blade’, a sword and sorcery, fantasy romp of a novella in an anthology entitled ‘By Mind or Metal’.

Looking forward to seeing them all ‘in the flesh’, so to speak.

* I checked and because there is more than one reader I can use the plural … two is still more than one! ;)

** borderline poverty, of course ;)