A new stage in my writing?

Since August last year I have been lucky enough to have had six pieces of my writing published. Now, just to ensure that you all know that there is a cosmic balance out there, I have also had my share of rejections too.

During that time period I made the decision to not just write for fun. Obviously it still HAD to be fun, or there would be no point in doing it, but it wouldn’t be just a hobby but something more.

Short stories are written every week; I am part of an active writing community; I have written (and am currently editing) a twenty-seven thousand word novella; I have finished (and will edit/re-write) a close to sixty-thousand word ‘novel’ during Nanowrimo; I am working on the script for an ongoing web-comic; and I am working on my real, first novel (not under the Nano constraints) chapter by chapter (as all the best books go ;) ).

And it is STILL fun!

Today, though, something ‘new’ happened. I got an email (prompted by the publication of ‘The way not to wish’ over at Every Day Fiction) from the editor of a new, international print journal asking if I would consider submitting to New Fiction Journal.

My mind is well and truly boggled – but in a good way – and now I have to review my work, pick some pieces, polish them off and send them his way.