While we’re waiting.

So, at the moment I have four flash fiction pieces out in ‘submission land’, five short stories, and one novella.

It feels weird as it is akin to being in no-man’s land (or woman’s, as I don’t have any bias for gender ;) ); they are, officially, ‘pending response’ so while they haven’t been rejected they also haven’t been accepted. I can’t work on those pieces – well I could but it would be pointless – until I hear back on their status.

For at least one of those pieces this is their last hurrah – if it doesn’t find a home it is being added to my ‘bucket list’ of stories that I won’t be trying to publish but just putting up on my site for posterity.

Idle hands, of course, are a dangerous thing but in writing terms any moment when your hands aren’t doing anything else is an opportunity for them to write (or, in my case, type) – so am currently working on some things specifically aimed at an anthology market. Never done this before as, in the past, I have just written what I felt like writing and then found a home for it. It’s rather weird to be directly aiming for a specific story. Good, but weird.

Anyway, tallyho for now.

A new stage in my writing?

Since August last year I have been lucky enough to have had six pieces of my writing published. Now, just to ensure that you all know that there is a cosmic balance out there, I have also had my share of rejections too.

During that time period I made the decision to not just write for fun. Obviously it still HAD to be fun, or there would be no point in doing it, but it wouldn’t be just a hobby but something more.

Short stories are written every week; I am part of an active writing community; I have written (and am currently editing) a twenty-seven thousand word novella; I have finished (and will edit/re-write) a close to sixty-thousand word ‘novel’ during Nanowrimo; I am working on the script for an ongoing web-comic; and I am working on my real, first novel (not under the Nano constraints) chapter by chapter (as all the best books go ;) ).

And it is STILL fun!

Today, though, something ‘new’ happened. I got an email (prompted by the publication of ‘The way not to wish’ over at Every Day Fiction) from the editor of a new, international print journal asking if I would consider submitting to New Fiction Journal.

My mind is well and truly boggled – but in a good way – and now I have to review my work, pick some pieces, polish them off and send them his way.

Preditors and Editors poll

The Preditors and Editors poll is an easy way to support your favorite authors, editors, books and magazines (e-zines, of course, included), and everyone can vote. Voting stays open through January 14th.

I happen to have a couple of stories, as well as me personally, eligible as options in the poll so, if you enjoy reading my work – and would like to – then you are more than welcome to vote.

The link to the ‘author’ poll is here: http://www.critters.org/predpoll/author.shtml – you can find me under ‘Jay Faulkner’.

The link to the ‘story’ poll is here: http://www.critters.org/predpoll/shortstory.shtml – and you can vote for either ‘The Good Boy’ (by Jay Faulkner published at Apollo’s Lyre) or ‘To Delight in Mahler’ (by Jay Faulkner published at Long Story Short).

If you are feeling especially ‘clicky’ then you can follow a third link to a section for fiction ‘zines – http://www.critters.org/predpoll/fictionzine.shtml – and vote for ‘With Painted Words’ which is the publication I own/edit focusing on creative writing inspired by art.

Any votes are, of course, appreciated but even if you don’t vote for me* vote for someone/something and show your support for all writers/publishers.

*… and if you do vote for me the check is in the post ;)

Picking up and dusting off

I’ve just had a run of rejections enter my mailbox, in the last few days. Admittedly not the best way to start a New Year but, on reflection, at least they are rejections from submissions in 2009 so – trying to remain positive, donchaknow – I can just turn it around and say that this year, so far, hasn’t had a rejection at all.

… obviously, it hasn’t had an acceptance, either, but let’s not dwell on that.