The Holy Grail

I just submitted something to Fantasy Magazine (!

I am a massive fantasy fan and always assumed that it would be this genre that I would write in – the fact that the four pieces I have had published, so far, are all pure fiction, with an emphasis on reality and human emotion, surprised me greatly.

My work in progress is an e-novella which has orcs, elves and magic so knew that I hadn’t been replaced by a pod-person and that I was on track to have something, someday, on Fantasy (yes, it is currently my goal, just before getting a novel published); I was keeping a little security blanket, however, tightly wrapped around myself in that the longer I took to hone my craft – and the longer I took to submit something – then the longer I could keep the dream alive without having to have a rejection from them. :)

Today though – a matter of moments ago – I finished what was to become my final read through of a short story that I liked enough (after months of small rewrites!) to risk submitting. Best case – they accept it! Worst case – they reject it … and I know, now, that a rejection slip is nothing more than motivation to do better next time.

And, trust me, if I get rejected from Fantasy there will be a next time! :)