In for a penny …

That title may not make much sense but, here in Britain, the phrase ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ simply means that if something is worth doing then it is worth doing all the way.

So, on this very auspicious date – 09/09/09 at 09:09am – I am starting things* off!

I have been writing for nearly as long as I have been reading; I have been reading since before I could run – admittedly I could walk, but I think that was only because I got tired of waiting for my parents to push me to the library. Speaking of which, I have had a library card since I was a very young thing indeed; it used to amuse my parents to take a phone call, from whichever library was our local at the time**, and hear them ask for ‘Mr. Faulkner’ as this was never, ever my father … the books that had been ordered were always for me.***

Anyway, like I was saying, I have been writing for a long time, in one form or another. Short stories, especially of the more fantastical nature, always were my favourite and – probably over the last year or so – I realised that I had to make a decision: keep on doing what I was doing, namely write for my own, personal pleasure and never let anyone see my work, or take a chance – risk rejection**** – and make the step from writer to writer.

What? You don’t see the difference between the two words, the two titles?

Neither did I. Until the day that I got word that something that I had written, one of MY stories, had been accepted for publication. When I got that first acceptance***** I suddenly realised two things – 1/ what an absolutely fabulous feeling it was to have something that I had created liked enough, by others, to take up space in a magazine and 2/ that I had to do it again.

That brings us to here. And to now, actually.

The decision I made, the ‘something’ that was worth doing all the way is what you will find on this blog and on the associated site. I decided to actually try to do ‘something’ with my writing.

Namely write! :o)

*By things I mean the ‘publicity’ end of writing – a website, blog, twitter, facebook, etc.
**My father was in the Royal Air Force so we moved around – a lot!
***One of the first that I can actually recall doing that with was Susan Cooper’s ‘The Dark is Rising’ series – I still read the five books every year.
****For the record the first piece I submitted for publication was rejected. It would have been nice if it were otherwise but then this would be a True Hollywood Story rather than a blog.
*****August 2009, ‘Rainbow’ for Offshoot Magazine … there have been two more acceptances since.