Something different – artwork!

Mushishi/Musashi by Jay Faulkner

Something that the majority of people who follow me (this blog, Twitter, dark streets, wherever) may not know is that I didn’t start of as a writer. Educationally speaking I suppose I would be classed as an ‘artist’, at least that is my Degree … but I haven’t really done anything arty since I sold my soul and realised that I.T. and Information Assurance/Security pays SO much better :)

Recently, however, I have become involved with ‘TalesofThe…’ a collaboration of work via an online weekly blog-style anthology incorporating all types of creative media. Its aim is to provide a platform for Northern Ireland creators to showcase film, artwork, prose, audio and just about any other type of creative endeavor you can think of. Via this (more correctly via the uber-talented comicbook artist and illustrator Stephen Downey) I found out about Spandex Comic and a wonderful, month-long, project where the creator (Martin Eden) was allowing other people to showcase their takes on his characters with a Japanese slant … aptly entitled Japandex. After talking with Martin I had two ideas and, as I couldn’t really decide, I sent both to him … and he actually used both!!

Now, I know that my work isn’t to the standard of the other real artists who contributed and I am walking in the footsteps of real greatness (as you will see when you click on the link and see some truly inspiring art!) but I am rather pleased with the outcome and EXTREMELY thankful to Martin for 1/ letting me play with his characters and 2/ showing my humble attempts at art alongside the others.

So, check it out: Mushishi/Musashi by Jay Faulkner

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