While we’re waiting.

So, at the moment I have four flash fiction pieces out in ‘submission land’, five short stories, and one novella.

It feels weird as it is akin to being in no-man’s land (or woman’s, as I don’t have any bias for gender ;) ); they are, officially, ‘pending response’ so while they haven’t been rejected they also haven’t been accepted. I can’t work on those pieces – well I could but it would be pointless – until I hear back on their status.

For at least one of those pieces this is their last hurrah – if it doesn’t find a home it is being added to my ‘bucket list’ of stories that I won’t be trying to publish but just putting up on my site for posterity.

Idle hands, of course, are a dangerous thing but in writing terms any moment when your hands aren’t doing anything else is an opportunity for them to write (or, in my case, type) – so am currently working on some things specifically aimed at an anthology market. Never done this before as, in the past, I have just written what I felt like writing and then found a home for it. It’s rather weird to be directly aiming for a specific story. Good, but weird.

Anyway, tallyho for now.

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