New story acceptance – “System Error”

I am VERY pleased to be able to announce – now that the official TOC, and wonderful cover art by Enggar Adirasa, has been revealed – that my short story, ‘System Error’, was sold early this year for inclusion in Seventh Star Press’ dystopian-themed anthology, ‘Perfect Flaw, from editor Robin Blankenship.


Perfect Flaw features a variety of speculative fiction stories, spanning many genres, that involve the exploration of society gone wrong. From “utopian” societies masking an underlying controlled state, to stories of people fighting back against repression in hopes of a better world, the flaws that create a dystopian atmosphere are identified and challenged.

The authors and stories featured in Perfect Flaw include:

Leslie J Anderson – “Michael’s Gate”
Jason Campagna – “Hope Unknown”
Frank Roger – “Cracks in the Concrete”
Mandi M. Lynch “Under a Pomegranate Sky”
Shaun Avery – “The Job Hunter”
Cathy Bryant – “Cost Benefit Analysis”
Carolyn M. Chang – “Smilers”
SC Langgle – “The Bird Below Ground”
Delphine Boswell – “Tomorrow’s Children”
Tanith Korravai – “Your Comfort is Important to Us”
DeeDee Davies – “The Ultimate Sale”
Ellen Brock – “Useless”
Herika R. Raymer – “Seventh Degree”
H David Blalock – “Guardian”
Steve Donnelly – “First Head”
Jay Faulkner – “System Error”
Michael O’Conner – “The Choosing”

Perfect Flaw will be released towards the end of March in Trade Paperback and eBook formats. For further information and updates on Perfect Flaw, please visit the Seventh Star Press site at

Contact: C.C. James Public Relations, Seventh Star Press ccjames (at)

Seventh Star Press is a small press publisher of speculative fiction located in Lexington Kentucky.