International Poetry Day 2012 – Epitaph

As it is International Poetry Day here is my contest winning (for poem, ‘Epitaph’.  You can still purchase copies of ‘Dragon Poems for 2011′, for Kindle, which featured this poem at Amazon.


Beneath winters grasp
Enfolded in golden skein
Cold-bloodslumber dream

Thawing springs caress
Limbs flex gargantuan uncoil
Ravenous wyrm royal

Warmth of summer sun
Dragon basks on broken bones
Rules all reigns alone

Above autumn clouds
Soar majestic wings unfurled
Hunter of the world

Ephemeral prey
Fleeting moon chased seasons
Subjects to treason

Chrome head bows to pray
Sword bare shield close Knight vows life
Virgin sacrifice

Steel juxtapose scale
Fire belching skin blisters raw
Hands raised implore

Slit eyes slow blink
Raucous laugh humor blast
Gaping maw at last

Glinting ivory snap
Proud shimmering armor rent
Bold life blood spent

As eyes grow dim
Forked tongue demands his name
His deed to proclaim

A self epitaph
‘fore on his flesh dragon gorge
Last word his name: George