Preditors and Editors poll

The Preditors and Editors poll is an easy way to support your favorite authors, editors, books and magazines (e-zines, of course, included), and everyone can vote. Voting stays open through January 14th.

I happen to have a couple of stories, as well as me personally, eligible as options in the poll so, if you enjoy reading my work – and would like to – then you are more than welcome to vote.

The link to the ‘author’ poll is here: – you can find me under ‘Jay Faulkner’.

The link to the ‘story’ poll is here: – and you can vote for either ‘The Good Boy’ (by Jay Faulkner published at Apollo’s Lyre) or ‘To Delight in Mahler’ (by Jay Faulkner published at Long Story Short).

If you are feeling especially ‘clicky’ then you can follow a third link to a section for fiction ‘zines – – and vote for ‘With Painted Words’ which is the publication I own/edit focusing on creative writing inspired by art.

Any votes are, of course, appreciated but even if you don’t vote for me* vote for someone/something and show your support for all writers/publishers.

*… and if you do vote for me the check is in the post ;)