Picking up and dusting off

I’ve just had a run of rejections enter my mailbox, in the last few days. Admittedly not the best way to start a New Year but, on reflection, at least they are rejections from submissions in 2009 so – trying to remain positive, donchaknow – I can just turn it around and say that this year, so far, hasn’t had a rejection at all.

… obviously, it hasn’t had an acceptance, either, but let’s not dwell on that.

One thought on “Picking up and dusting off

  1. There are mechanisms to separate the various parts of a grain of wheat. The bran, being the outter husk which protects the main part of the kernel, falls away first. Bran is rich in B vitamins and minerals. Then there is the endosperm which is 80% of the kernal and is nutrient rich. This part is milled into white flour. At the center there is the germ, which represents only 2% of the total kernel but if resown will grow into a new plant. The germ is a rich source of B vitamins, oil, vitamin E and natural plant fat. Each part of the grain serves a different purpose and has a different value. But all parts need each other to be whole. Each part will, in its turn, be called upon to be useful and to be used.

    Your writing Jay is very much like a grain of wheat. The main part of your writing is like the 80%. It is nutrient rich, ready to go. Fits many applications. Publish and print. Then there’s the 2%. It’s pure creative genius, a drop here or there will reseed new ideas and projects. Finally,
    there is the bran, so to speak. You might call these your rejections. You have shaved these off in order to send your 80% into the world. And it was a very lucrative 80% that you revealed. The world could not use these bits of bran just now and has sent them home for re-milling. Or it is possible that these are some of the magical 2% which is guaranteed to rejuvenate? The world, being average at best, often fails to recognise genius when it is first presented.

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