Following The Nerd Podcast #21

Here’s the latest Following The Nerd radio show, featuring Mr Marc Savage and me, now as an easily downloaded podcast if you missed it live: ‘Something good, for good…’

As well as all the usual news and reviews from the world of Nerd – Prometheus! Gary Oldman is Robobcop’s dad! Marvel give us a gay marriage! – we also have two great interviews for your listening pleasure too.

First up we’re going to be speaking to Music Video Director Daniel Azarian and band Whisperado’s lead singer Jon Sobel about their new song and video that is making waves all over the entertainment world, Teenage Popstar. The Video by Underdog Entertainment has just been picked up by AOL and is featured on AOL Music and is a great take on modern pop culture with a Stepford Wives overtone, so they are really enjoying the moment, the highlight is obviously being on the FTN Podcast!

Then after that we talk to Bobby Reed. Bobby is currently starring in web-series Fletcher Drive and has just finished filming the movie Angry Video Game Nerd. So, no doubt we’ll be getting into those during the interview as well as speaking about his career in theatre and appearing in shows like Law & Order, Sons of Anarchy and Parenthood.

Whew… the party never stops at FTN HQ!

We love doing it, we love you guys and we love that you Nerd it here first…

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