Hand in hand

OK, Northern Ireland decision makers … when will you realise that perpetuating a state of apartheid within our Country, starting at the earliest ages by having a state backed segregated education system means that you have no leg to stand on when decrying the fact that sectarianism exists here?

Support and promote integrated education here in Northern Ireland (or the north of the Island if the other offends your delicate sensibilities) and within a few generations there will be no culture of hate, or them and us … just US!

When children from one religion actually grow up and go to school with, hand in hand, children from another religion they will understand and respect each other and THEIR children will not see the differences between them, or feel ‘hate’, simply because of which church (if any) they attend, or which football team they support, but will see the similarities.  Children do that, you see, they find the things that make them alike rather than dwelling on the spurious, man-made devices, that make them different.

Maybe they should be running the damn Country; couldn’t do a worse job, after all!