Another day …

… another rejection. As rejections go, however, I could definitely handle more like this.

I wrote a short story, about two months ago, that came out of a prompt which was basically to do with dreams and portal fantasies. So, in less than an hour, I had worked backwards from my initial premise of a young girl being woken from a ‘dream’ by her mother … as I love the ‘not knowing’ in stories if something is reality or fantasy … and had something that I enjoyed as both an old-fashioned style fable/fairy-story and a possible lead in to something more (that still worked as a stand-alone story).

I can’t post the actual piece as I am going to refine it and submit it elsewhere but here is the feedback:

Thank for your submission to Every Day Fiction. I regret to inform you that we are unable to use it at this time.

A great premise that is well carried out, the writing is poetic and flows nicely. Perhaps a little more of a story would help but I like this as it is anyway. The character is interesting and I’d love to find out more.
– Joe

Nice writing, but it-was-all-a-dream endings are a very hard sell at EDF, since they nearly always make us feel that the author just couldn’t think of any other way to resolve the story.
– Camille

We wish you good luck in placing the Story elsewhere.

all of us at Every Day Fiction

All I can say to that is what great feedback. The people at Every Day Fiction had me simply with the pieces that they publish but to find out that their feedback is this good (not to mention nice!) has made me even more of a fan!

The only bit I quibbled with was to do with the dream ending being used purely because no other resolution could be found; just because that is true sometimes doesn’t make it universally so. :)

Anyway, I am currently in the middle of sketching out some illustrations to go with the story as it may just work as a pseudo-comic book or, at the very least, a nice kid’s picture book.

7 thoughts on “Another day …

  1. To be fair to them, they did say “[a dream ending] nearly always makes us feel …”

    I think no matter how good ones intentions as a writer, the dream ending has been so overused as a lazy way to end a fantastical story that if one chooses to use it, one has to work very hard to overcome the reader’s apathy towards it.

  2. Indeed – and that advice alone was still gratefully received. I knew what I was doing when I decided to go with a dream ending (or not, depending on how the small ammendement to the story makes people think ;) ) so have no issue with the critique.

    … well, apart from the fact taht my dream ending was the first thing I wrote, of course, so it was more a ‘lazy’ beginning than ending ;)

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