A schedule of sufferring

Ok, the suffering is simply to do with having tonsillitis, currently. Amazingly enough my throat is one of the few parts of my body that doesn’t hurt – every muscle feels like I have been kicked, I have a pounding headache and a cough that sounds like I have been smoking fifty cigarettes a day for life.

Currently on antibiotics, painkillers and other crap to stop any food that I manage to keep down inside me (as it seems to want to vacate far too fast for comfort! /tmi)

Anyway, this post wasn’t meant to be a self-pitying rant, so will leave that part where it is. I actually wanted to post a schedule – an aide memoir, so to speak – to remind myself of the fact that I have some work seeing the light of day very, very soon. In fact, my ‘publication schedule’ looks like this:

August/September – ‘Rainbow’ in Offshoot Magazine
October – ‘The Good Boy’ in Apollo’s Lyre
November – ‘Both’ in Nanoism
December – ‘To Delight in Mahler’ in Long Story Short

Now I really need to get cracking on getting something published in January, and thereafter, as there is a nice trend starting to take shape :)