Newly Accepted: ‘Half-Life’

Hogglepot logoJust to let you know that I have had a short story – ‘Half-Life’ – accepted for publication with Hogglepot: A Weekly Fantasy Journal.

Synopsis of ‘Half-Life’: Professor John Beck lies in hospital, in a coma, while his young son Kyle watches the news report into the creature that supposedly put him there – a creature that the police have taken to calling ‘Half-Life’ as they claim that it is half human and half something else … there are two problems, though: the first is that no-one can agree what the ‘something else’ actually is; some say half bird, others say half horse or even bull but more importantly is the second problem, one which only Kyle knows about – he IS the creature!

This is not a stand alone story but, for want of a better word, is prologue into an ongoing story featuring the exploits of the young super-hero in the making, Kyle Beck, and his dealings with the Goddess Echinda. … watch this space for further news as it happens.

‘Half-Life’ is currently available to read for free at Hogglepot and will be available to purchase in the Hogglepot collected edition, Issue 1, Volume 3 later this year.