write365 – a T.K.O.

… or, for you non-fight fans, that means that write365 just beat me.

Not because I don’t intend to write something every single day because I will be – and am – doing that very thing. The problem is, you see, that what I am writing every day is currently shaping up to be the first draft of a novel and, on top of that, I am still writing some short stories when the fancy takes me and editing another large piece of work. Those are things that I can’t actually post but only post about – and, to be honest, it will get boring for you (my dear readers) as much as me to constantly do that.

So, instead, I have decided to not attempt to post a piece of fiction, or a journal about writing, every day for the next 365 days but rather focus on the writing itself.

I would like to consider that a draw between me and that pesky write365 but, being honest, it won on points ;)

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