A 250 word story

The moment they had been building to came in a silent explosion of gasping breaths and, breathless, they stared at each other; into each other. His bright jade eyes, unblinking, hers – deep brown – filled with wonder.

The sheen of moisture that coated their skin was the only thing that separated them now – a translucent barrier; their two bodies, literally, become one. He sighed and she felt him deep within; she tightened and, enveloped, his eyes widened.

Conjoined – her hardened nipple brushing, softly, against him, his chest hair caressing her skin like a thousand hungry lovers’ fingers – their perfect moment lasted eternity in an eye blink.

As the tension left their bodies, limbs still entwined in a crushing embrace, she bit her lip, brow furrowed. Barely moving, not wanting the sensations to end too soon, he leant forwards and brushed a small kiss against her forehead.

“Are you ok?” He whispered, mouth dry.

“Yes, but …” she released her grip from his back, caressing the skin on his ribs as she brought her hand sliding down between them.


“It hurt.” She winced as she reached the point where the gap between them became nothing; where he ended and she began. Holding up her hand she stared at the crimson fingertips. “I’m bleeding.”

“Don’t worry,” he whispered through another kiss. “Trust me, that’s normal …”

“Hang on; how do you know that?” She stared at him, pulling away, eyes suddenly narrowed. “You said it was your first time too!”