A 100 word story

She stood in the dimly lit room and tried to look into the mirror. It shouldn’t be hard, she knew; a conscious choice, electrical impulses sent from the brain, a muscle contraction and then – just like that – her head would lift up.

In the last fifteen minutes, however, it hadn’t worked. She still couldn’t bring herself to look at her reflection.

Then, finally, it wasn’t a conscious choice at all that made the decision but, rather, an autonomic reflex: a sneeze.

As her head jerked backwards she caught the merest glimpse of her herself.

It was enough.

More than enough.

2 thoughts on “A 100 word story

  1. Great minds (and…names) think alike. Would love to see a submission from you for Ort Stories (ortstories dot tumblr dot com). 100-word or shorter stories; we also publish tiny songs and movies. Send us a nano-narrative.


  2. Hey – nice to ‘meet’ you; us ‘J’ Faulkners definitely have to stick together. ;)

    Will go and have a look at Ort Stories now.

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