The letter of the law

The thing about this write365 lark is that, for a whole year, you commit to writing. I obviously loved the concept so much that I signed up to do it – and am doing it.

Today, though, brings me an interesting quandary. You see I have been – and still am – writing. The thing is that I got an idea when I wasn’t near a PC and, as I thought it would be a cool one for a 100 word story, I didn’t want to type it out on my phone … so I started writing longhand, instead. The problem is that (roughly as my book doesn’t have word count ;) ) I am closer to 500 words rather than 100 and think that it could go another 500, possibly more.

So i’m having to tweak the rules, a little, because I don’t want to start a new story while working on this existing one but I also don’t want to post the WIP as that will mean typing it up to post unfinished and rough.

That said you do have this entry to console you along with the knowledge that, while you aren’t seeing it I AM writing still ;)