Newly Accepted: Rigor Amortis

I had thought that I was going to have to wait another week or so to announce this but the lovely ladies in charge (hi Erika, hi Jaym!) have given the go ahead … good thing too as I was fit to burst.

So, my story, ‘Always and Forever’ has been accepted for the zom/rom anthology ‘Rigor Amortis’ – edited by truly wonderful Erika Holt and Jaym Gates – to be published by Absolute XPress.

I am truly pleased to be part of this. It is my first ever zombie story and my first ever romance story too (obviously, therefore, it is my first ever zom/rom story ;) ) but I am very happy with how it turned out. I hope that, when people get to read it, they feel the enjoyment that went into creating it and find some level of enjoyment in reading it.

If nothing else the ending will probably make some of you ‘squirm’ (it did Erika ;) ) – it it does then my job is done! ;)

A massive thank you to Erika and Jaym for being my ‘first’ (will always think of you that way, my dears!), for accepting ‘Always and Forever’ for inclusion with ‘Rigor Amortis’ and for all your help in editing and polishing my work into something (hopefully) great!

For more about Rigor Amortis:

At Duotrope

Official blog

At Twitter

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