A good day!

So today has been a good day, as the observant among you will have gathered fromthe subject of this very post! :o)

Apart from having a great day with my family – so my beautiful wife, Carole, my 30 month old baby Mackenzie and his delightful little brother Nathaniel, who is 6 months old – which is honestly a rare occurrence thanks to work pressures I ALSO managed to get some other stuff done:

1 – my personal web site is coming along nicely. I have used a template that I found online because it is close to what I was trying to do and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel :) I have the core of the site up and running, with a blog nicely linked in too – obviously, if you are reading this ON the blog then you already knew that ;) – feel free to check it out at www.jayfaulkner.com as any thoughts, feedback or blank cheques are gratefully accepted.

2 – networking is going apace. I have a twitter account, a facebook account an e-novella account and an Irish writer’s site account all up and running now. I was told, by someone who knows what they are talking about, that it is not just about writing but about letting people know that you are writing :)

3 – got an email from Chris Howard, author of Seaborn from Juno Books and Saltwater Witch (http://www.saltwaterwitch.com/) to let me know that I am getting a couple of prints from him … when you check out his site (which you should do – now!) you will see why I am happy about that. His style is amazing and the stories that got with it are great too. I don’t know him, yet, but have a feeling that I will be lucky to call him friend sometime down the line.

4 – I have been editing/re-writing a couple of pieces and hit a great run of words, for a couple of hours. I think that, after the rewrites, I have two very strong stories from what were – being honest – just ‘ok’ previously. Amazing what simply moving a near end paragraph to the start does for pace and tension ;o)

5 – I have a new site in the works, which will be a submission-based site for flash fiction, micro fiction and poetry. Don’t want to say anything other than that, yet, but I have high hopes for it as I am enthused and inspired already!

6 – I got another piece accepted for publication. That is the good news (as is this is something that I have tried to crack three times previously, only to get the rejection slip each time … admittedly it was both gentle and personal rejections, with good advice each time, but still it WAS a rejection! :o) The problem is that my accepted work is getting smaller in length – my first piece was just under two thousand words, my second just under a thousand, my third was two hundred and forty two words … this one is one hundred and forty characters. YES – characters! I have had a piece accepted at www.nanoism.net :o)

… what next, though? Will I be writing a three-word story?

You never know.