Something completely different – G.R.R.M. / GoTs!

Two posts in one day, why Ambassador Jay you are spoiling them! :)

Anyway I am debating whether I should change my personal site so that it isn’t about me as a (hopeful) writer but, instead, as a complete Renaissance Man for you see I have not only ventured back out into the world of art as well but also acting … well, to be honest and drop the false ego, for a moment, I have just attended a cattle market of form filling, self-promoting and photo taken as a hopeful extra on the HBO adaptation of the wonderful George R. R. Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’!

The brief they asked for was:
- males between 16-90 … check
- long hair … check and double check indeed.
- medieval skills … fencing, archery, mandolin playing and even juggling gave a lovely check
- combat/fighting skills … 20+ years of martial arts and four black belts gave another check!
- beards/facial hair … oh … erm … what?!?

Sure, I may have past the age of puberty but there is one small aspect of ‘maleness’ I haven’t yet achieved: I can’t grow facial hair! I only need to shave once a week and even after over two weeks I barely have any ‘spikies’ (as my three year old calls them). Will that go against me, faithful readers? I don’t know, I really don’t … but I hope not as I would LOVE to be involved with a GRRM project like Game of Thrones.

So, send your good wishes, votive offerings, prayers or virgin sacrifices off (or even bombard the production company with emails telling them that they need … NEED … me!) :)

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