“Jay Faulkner’s ‘Always and Forever‘ (Rigor Amortis from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) was a heartrending vignette involving a couple irrevocably changed by the zombie plague.”

~Paul ‘Goat’ Allen at Barnes & Noble


Always and Forever‘ is short, poignant, and scary.

~Amanda Young, best-selling author of Reckless.


“‘Always and Forever‘ (Rigor Amortis from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) is a beautiful and sorrowful tale of a married couple whose life is destroyed by a virus, and the lengths they will go to to honor their love. In just over two pages the author allows us to feel the longing, fear and the depth of love this couple share.”



“‘Benedic Mihi, Pater’ (Tales of the Nun and Dragon from Fox Spirit Books) by Jay Faulkner is a sentimental story as a nun summons a dragon from the ocean only to discover that it is, in fact, the father that abandoned her so many years ago. Beautiful and haunting.”

~Adam Millard, author of The Dead series, at This is Horror


Wednesday’s Child‘ (Murder, Mystery, and Madness Anthology from Quiet Fury Books) – haunting, unique, suspenseful, spellbinding, and written superbly.

~Nancy L. Silk, author of Afraid of Love and Embraced by Love.


‘Tarnish’ (With This Ring, I Bleed, DEAD! from Rainstorm Press) – hauntingly beautiful quality that just added to the torment the characters.

~Heather Faville, Doubleshotbookreviews


Short But Sweet (collection)‘: “The power of micro fiction exists not in the words included, but with those unsaid. The best micro fiction paints a framework and allows the reader to fill in the rest, but it does not mean a handful of random tossed onto a page and voila, instant story.
Even in the shortest pieces, Jay Faulkner spins these stories with great care. ‘Both’ was my favorite piece in the collection. It’s like a small punch to the stomach. If you like micro fiction, you should definitely give this one a try!”

~Damien Angelica Walters, author of Ink and Sing Me Your Scars