Wonder Woman – what came before

You know I love Wonder Woman; I have been reading the character for pretty much as long as I have been reading comics and have been watching her on TV since I was a kid (I may even still have some of the Lynda Carter episodes on VHS from when they were originally recorded back in the 80s when we were living in Holland 🙂 ) …I am VERY invested in this movie being good because I not only want it to be good for me but for my boys, who also love the character – from the comics, but also from DC animation like the Justice League cartoons and the DC Superhero Girls (which is awesome, check it out!) – and this will be their introduction to her on the big screen as I haven’t let them watch the Batman vs Superman movie as I personally feel it isn’t suitable for kids their age (your mileage may vary, I am NOT going to argue about that!).
The thing is though that if I hear one more reporter – male or female, I don’t care – self-congratulatory – explain to their audience (or themselves) how this is the ‘first female led superhero movie’ I am going to reach into the TV or radio and throttle them! 🙂
Let’s just list a few of the easy ones that have come before Wonder Woman: Elektra, Catwoman (it had the name of the DC character but was really only ‘inspired by’ rather than was her), Witchblade, Tank Girl, Tomb Raider (ok this was a game first but also had comics), Sheena, and, Red Sonja …and one other: Supergirl.
I left that one until last because it’s quite important as it shows that Wonder Woman isn’t the ‘first female led superhero movie’ featuring a major DC character, and with the ‘S’ creast on her chest you’ve got to admit that Supergirl is pretty major.
…and with Tank Girl being directed by Rachel Talalay, Wonder Woman isn’t even the first ‘first female led superhero movie’ directed by a female director.
Anyway, those characters and movies are history, we are talking now about the present and future: Wonder Woman! 🙂
What Wonder Woman is easily going to be is the ‘first female led superhero movie’ directed by a female director to be a major financial success and (hopefully) a major critical one too.
It gets referred to as a ‘risk’ with a relatively paltry budget of $149 million – obviously because Patty Jenkins is a ‘mere’ female director (she didn’t turn a $8 million budget for Monster into $60 million box office ey? /sarcasm) – so I hope Wonder Woman blows the takings for Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman out of the water (SS box office is over $740m and BvsS is over $850m) and PROVES what a good female character, story, and director can do with the fans behind them.
So get behind them …go watch this movie.
Be Wonder Woman! 🙂