#WIP – The Red Path

I’m not sure, to be honest, what this is or where it is going.  I’m pretty sure that it is about an assassin, of sorts, and is probably in a low to medium fantasy setting (magic, fantastical creatures, etc) and there are rumblings in my mind about just who this character is and why he may be ‘fated’ to do something.  All I know is what he has said so far, which is:

Everyone dies.

As soon as you’re born, out of the darkness and into the light, bloody and screaming, you are dying. In my line of work you normally go out the same way. If you’re lucky then the blood may be someone else’s as well, mingling with your own as you take the screaming bastard that did you in with you, out of the light and into the darkness, quick and fast. If you’re unlucky then you get to add lingering pain to the blood and screams, insides spilling out as you lie festering in your own guts and shit. If you’re very lucky, of course, then the pain, the blood, and the screams are someone else’s and their death comes at the end of your blade; and you get enough coin to last a week in one of the better whorehouses before picking up the blade and walking the red path once more.

If you’re very lucky you get to live.

Because everyone dies, you see, but not everyone lives. Not truly.

This is how I did both.