Theresa May – Enough is enough!

The UK’s ‘glorious and much vaunted leader’, Theresa May, says that despite cutting the the Police force by 20,000 and slashing their budget, she has ‘really’ increased the number of firearms officers, protected the counter-terrorism policing budgets, and made them, as a whole, much more able to protect us all from the rising level of threat from extremists and terrorists.
However Government figures show the number of police officers has fallen from 146,030 officers in 2010 to 126,766 in 2016 – the number of armed officers has dropped from 6,976 to 5,639 in the same time. The figures don’t lie so maybe May does?
And the Former Prime Minister, David Cameron’s, own aide, Steve Hilton, actually thinks that the cuts that May forced upon the Police was responsible for the security failures that led to the terror attacks at London Bridge, Manchester, Westminster Bridge and thinks that May should resign.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan said London was getting half the funding for policing that it should be getting for a capital city and that policing in the capital was facing a £400m cut over the next four years.
He said that while the Met Police did a brilliant job despite the cuts, they needed more resources.
You can’t cut Police numbers and budgets and expect them, no matter how hard they work and how hard they try, to expect them to do the same job for less and less …well actually I suppose the Tories CAN expect that, it’s pretty much what they expect of everyone except for themselves. This time, though, it is costing lives and putting more at risk.
When May said, in her press conference outside number 10 after the terror attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market, that enough was enough, she was right …enough IS enough, it is time to get rid of her and her cronies and June 8th is the time to do it. If you vote Conservatives you are voting for more cuts to the Police, more cuts to the NHS, more cuts to welfare for the disabled, and the sick, and the vulnerable.
Enough is enough.
Time to change.