Stepping of the mats – retiring from kung fu.

This is a very weird post to write as, to be honest, I thought I’d never do it.

I’ve decided to retire from teaching kung fu and running classes.

Lockdown, and a year (plus) has made me reconsider a lot of things, and how I live my life and use my time and while martial arts will always be a major part of it (it probably literally saved my life, let alone changed it) it isn’t the driving force it once was.

I’ve been doing this since April 1988 (33rd anniversary and! 🙂 ) and training or teaching anywhere between one night a week and five since then …until this year (or illness 😉 ).

…and I didn’t miss the time off like I thought I would.

That told me something.

I also don’t know, being honest, if I want to build a class from nothing again and commit to training and teaching on a schedule.

So, yeah, finally stepping off the mats …at least mostly; there will be a toe or two hanging on.

I’ll still be involved in martial arts in different ways*, and maybe even Imperial Deagon itself in gradings and popping into classes (if you guys will have me 🙂 ) but nothing ‘full-time’ or committed.

Martial Arts is not something I’ve done, it’s been a way of life, for the majority of my life. Its given me health, knowledge, wisdom, and courage. They will never leave. It’s where I’ve met some of my closest friends, so I will never, ever, regret a single moment on the mats (even the painful ones 😉 ) and the journey – that many people, doctors included – said wouldn’t be possible: to be 5th Degree Black Belt.

It all, like any journey, started with a single step.

With thanks to Sifu Frank Murney and especially Sifu Steve Timblin who are no longer here but guided me on that journey.

*I’ve already been approached by a black belt about private lessons, so I’m considering 1-to-1 coaching again, possibly short self defense classes, and I’m definitely (once Covid is safer) popping into other people’s classes; already got some new Escrima/Kali sticks coming so, Courtney, hopefully will get to train soon 😉