My constant companion: #pain

FB_IMG_1460231050954As some of you know I’ve had what my neurologist thinks is a hemipleguc migraine since August last year; that means pain, every day, for nearly nine months. First two or three months it was bad enough (as in full on nuclear level migraine mode) to keep me mostly bed ridden then calmed down to somewhere between nasty and ‘just’ annoying headache level, all the time (unless I was asleep). Last five days it’s kicked up a gear or two again and been pretty severe, verging on migraine level pain again. Couple of times I’ve even had to resort to the ‘rescue meds’ the neurologist gave me for emergencies (a cocktail of drugs) which helped a little but didn’t fix things 100% …last night I slept, Luke a coma, for about 19 hours, after taking the rescue meds again and thankfully now the pain is back down to just a severe headache which means I can sort of function again. The weird thing is that I realised that my life has become one of compromise, or of acceptance of pain as a constant companion now, just as long as that companion is courteous in how intrusive it is in my life.