International Wheelchair Day

1st March is International Wheelchair Day.

Mackenzie, my son, unlike some other wheelchair users, doesn’t have to use his full-time; due to his muscle condition and hypermobility, he can fatigue extremely quickly and recover slowly so the chair is there to ensure that he either 1/ has the energy to do the things that he wants to do by allowing him to rest in between and not waste energy needlessly or 2/ have a safe refuge to be when he’s exhausted and unable to go on when he’s in pain or too fatigued to continue.

He loves his chair because, to him, it’s not medical equipment it’s his slice of freedom and normality that allows him to do things which, otherwise, he may not be able to do.

Other people just need to see wheelchairs, and wheelchair users, as a normal part of everyday life and give them more acceptance and accessibility so that an even more positive impact can be made.