Inhumans – Season 1 Episode 1 review

Inhumans Cast picture

This may be ‘controversial’, or at least goes against the flow, but I quite liked Marvel’s Inhumans …or at least I didn’t hate it 🙂

As an introductory episode the story was better than average and introduced the concept and characters well, and left the story lines because – yes – there were more than one hanging nicely, with jeopardy and intrigue galore.
Acting was definitely a little more choppy with some characters having the better actors and some – at the moment at least – seemingly having the ‘not so great’ ones, or at least writing/acting combined that were shaky (Crystal, especially, seemed wasted).
CGI was all over the place, I actually wondered if they violated Medusa and chopped off her hair simply so that they wouldn’t have to deal with her powers; did they not really use Crystals powerset (which is varied and probably second in power to Black Bolt) just because it was too difficult & expensive? Why did Gorgon wear boots on Earth? To hide his feet, or so that the make-up and costume department didn’t have to work so hard, at least until he stupidly went swimming and then met some great islanders (who actually really were wonderful! 🙂 ). Karnak was actually one of the better parts but his power set was among the easier to portray but why wasn’t it explained that he didn’t actually HAVE any powers …the way it was shown viewers will assume he’s as powered as everyone else!
I adored – ADORED- Black Bolt’s use of Sign Language, and how it was an integral part of his life; it would have been better (and more natural) if everyone else that was around him – especially his brother – had been able to understand him too, and not just Medusa, but at least this representation of the disabled/deaf community as just a normal part of him was handled really well. Bolt’s isolation and brooding nature was also done well and I hope this is picked up all the way through – it must be TERRIBLE to be able to speak but have to hold back like this, and I thought the facial expressions, and eye action was done well.
So, was Inhumans episode 1 excellent? No, nowhere near. Was it as awful as the early reviews made out? No, again nowhere near. It was somewhere in the middle. It was the first episode of a new show, finding its feet and, hopefully, able to improve. I hope it gets the chance to do so because it had flashes of promise, that’s for sure.