#FirstLineFriday ‘Twice Upon A Time’

brokenglassTrying something new here, inspired by Joleene and Rami.

On Friday, authors post the first one or first two lines of a potential work, a work-in-progress, or a published work  on their blog, and title the post #FirstLineFriday (just like this). It’s  a lot of fun, so feel free to join in!

You can share your link on my blog comments, or on Rami Ungar’s (the brains behind FLF), or on Joleene’s, or even or all three places if you want to go crazy 🙂

My #FirstLineFriday comes from something that I originally wrote as a piece for an anthology (which is shaping up to be a great one, by the way!) that came in at just shy of 8500 words; I wasn’t actually happy with it as I felt that I had to cut the story short to keep it within the allowed word limit of 9000 words and while rejections are never pleasant in some ways this story not making the final cut in the anthology came as a blessing, as I now have the chance to expand it and tell the tale that I actually wanted to originally. Judging by the outlining I have done so far I estimate that it will come in at somewhere around the 20,000 word mark when it is finally finished, so rather than a short story I will have a novella on my hands to wrangle into shape.

Anyway, here are the first two lines of ‘Twice Upon A Time‘, a post-apocalyptic tale of a father and daughter’s struggle to survive in a world that has, quite literally, been turned crazy:

He wasn’t sure what woke him first, the shattering noise as the window exploded inwards, shards of glass peppering his exposed face and arms with pinpricks of hot agony, or the sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach as gravity suddenly lurched, the world dropped, and he was thrown from his bed to land heavily against the wall of his bedroom; he realised, as he opened his eyes with a groan of agony, that it didn’t matter which it was. He was awake either way and, more than that, as he climbed gingerly to his feet, blood running down his muscled chest to pool at the waist band of his shorts, and took in the devastation of his room from the early morning light filtering through the broken window, he realized was lucky to be alive.

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.  While you are at it why don’t you try #FirstLineFriday too? What’s your first line of your current work?