Contest: Grimdark Magazine Battle-Off

mindormetalSo, as a bit of fun, I’ve signed up to Grimdark Magazine’s ‘Battle Off’ which, in their own words, is:

“Grimdark Magazine presents a battle of battles.

From the very first time fantasy and sci-fi authors put pen to paper or fingertips to keys, we love writing a raging battle scene. They are fun, engaging, brutal, gory, whirlwind affairs and a fantastic way to really get into writing. They challenge, and often maim or kill, our characters and are the scenes of heroism and desperation, villainy and plain old bad luck. The best part is that whether an author is self or traditionally published, a good battle scene often brings out that extra level of passion that can really hook a reader.”

Basically there’s an excerpt of a battle scene from one of my fantasy stories (The Crimson Blade, originally published in the fantasy anthology, ‘By Mind or Metal’) and you can read it and vote on how much you liked it …or not, completely up to you.

If you do have time to have a quick read, and a quick vote, it would be appreciated …especially as I am entering the race late, a good few days after everyone else, so there’s a lot of catching up to do!

You can find my entry here: