FEARLESS By Allen Stroud

Cover image of Fearless, by author Allen Stroud, portraying a spaceship being overlooked by a ghostly face.
●        Genre – science fiction > space opera > militaristic SF
●        ISBN hardcover – 9781787585423
●        ISBN paperback – 9781787585409
●        Pricing $24.95 (hardcover) / $14.95 (paperback)
●        Releases September 8, 2020

New novel from Chair of the British Science Fiction Association is a thrilling sci-fi page-turner with heart, centered on a paraplegic protagonist in outer space.


“The depths of outer space test the strength of a dynamic heroine’s inner resolve in Stroud’s smart, introspective space opera […] With an attention to detail that will please hard science fiction fans, Stroud raises fascinating questions about the politics of space exploration. This is one to be savored.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Fearless is a brilliant achievement […] Stroud has produced a tense, atmospheric and masterfully written title with a thought-provoking and engaging plot supported by a cast of colourful and unique characters that all combine to create a thorough enjoyable experience.”

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer

“Fast-paced, gripping hard SF with death in hard vacuum waiting at every turn.”

— Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Adrian Tchaikovsky


AD 2118. Humanity has colonised the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Europa. Captain Ellisa Shann commands Khidr, a search and rescue ship with a crew of twenty-five, tasked to assist the vast commercial freighters that supply the different solar system colonies.

Shann has no legs and has taken to life in zero-g partly as a result. She is a talented tactician who has a tendency to take too much on her own shoulders. Now, while on a regular six-month patrol through the solar system, Khidr picks up a distress call from the freighter Hercules…


Publicity photo of author, Allen Stroud.Allen Stroud is Chair of the British Science Fiction Association, Editor of the British Fantasy Society, and was Chair of Fantasycon 2017 and 2018. He has a Ph.D. and a Masters in Science Fiction and Fantasy world-building. Stroud has written video game novelisations such as Elite: Dangerous and Phoenix Point) and his short stories have appeared in 2001: An Odyssey in Words and 2017 Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF. 

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Southern Area Hospice – help needed!

Southern Area Hospice Services provide INVALUABLE specialist palliative care and support to patients with life limiting illnesses including Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, HIV and Aids. Their services are available to patients who live within the Southern Health Board region in Northern Ireland.

Due to COVID19 they’ve had to postpone ALL of their planned fundraising events and with all their services are provided free of charge and relying on 73p in every pound coming from fundraising this is a massive impact.

Currently they are even very short on protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and gowns, to keep their staff short and as they buy more this will obviously come out of their already stretched budget.

I realise that everyone will have their own issues to deal with right now, and money may be one of them, but if you can spare something, anything, then PLEASE consider donating to this very excellent cause!


Covid19 – UK Lockdown

Coronavirus image

OK, because Prime Minister Boris Johnston didnt use theword ‘lockdown’ I’m not sure that everyone will get the message, especially not the ones who were still congregating at beaches or parks in their masses, but people NEED to listen: the UK is basically on lockdown and we all need to do what we can to slow the spread of Coronavirus to help stop the strain on the NHS and, ultimately, save lives.

This means, where humanly possible, only leaving your house as little as you can fir very limited purposes:

– shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible;

– one form of exercise a day – for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household;

– any medical need, to provide care or to help a vulnerable person;


– travelling to and from work, but only where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home.

No social gatherings. No family gatherings. No trips to the mountains en masse. No open air markets.

Full details about the things that are being stopped, and consequences, are in the link.

Do your part. Stay safe. Save lives.

Wash your damn hands!



‘Hero Worship’ reading at Flash Fiction Armagh

With huge thanks once again to Flash Fiction Armagh, Byddi Lee, and Réamonn Ó Ciaráin for allowing me to read my work at their wonderful event, held at the Armagh County Museum, and for looking after me when I wasn’t sure that I would make it to (or through) due to illness.

Such a great night with amazing talent in the room and i’m humbled to share the space with so many awesome writers!

Excuse the voice, pneumonia & pleurisy plays havoc with the breathing.

Enjoy my story, ‘Hero Worship’ …oh and if you’re expecting a happy ever after type thing you came to the wrong writer 😉

Disney+ UK launch date!

Even though the US is getting Disney+ later this month – November 12th to be exact – we finally know when the UK (and others, but they’re not as important because I don’t live there 😉 ) are getting the latest and -possibly- best streaming service: March 31st 2020!

This means that we’ll have access to a whole wealth of classic movies, TV shows and animations owned by Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox, and so much more.

For me that importantly is the Marvel umbrella of movies and, of course, the upcoming TV shows: Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, Moon Knight (OMG!!!), WandaVision, Loki, What If…?, and of course my two personal favourites…


…and that’s just for starters! Who knows what Disney+ will bring year on year? 🙂


The Crow arrives, finally :)

The Crow is a superhero comic book series created by James O’Barr.

It is not just one of my absolute favourite graphic novels, telling the story of love and supernatural revenge, but also my all-time favourite movies.

The movie adaptation – which may just be THE best comic book adaptation ever – featured Brandon Lee in the lead role of Eric Draven and he absolutely OWNED it in what was, unfortunately, his final film appearance.

There were some truly awful movie sequels but also a really rather good TV series, The Crow: Stairway to Heave, starring Mark Dacascos (another amazing martial artist and all-round great guy!) as Eric Draven this time.

And finally I managed to get a Funko Pop version of The Crow character to add to my collection which will definitely take pride of place 🙂

Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.”

Dad’s 80th birthday!

Well as the title says my dad turned 80 at the weekend. He’s had his challenges, medically, over the last few years – from cancer, to COPD, and heart failure – but he’s faced them all and is still here fighting so it was wonderful to be able to gather family around and celebrate a man who has done SO much (a career that has seen him in the police, in the Royal Air Force, in the military police, been awarded medals …but, you know, most importantly, just been filled with so much love <3 ) and see him enjoy himself with everyone.

Here are a few photos from the day:

Dad with his birthday cake.
Dad with me and my sister, Erica.
Dad with me and my wife, Carole, and our kids (his grand-kids) Mackenzie and Nathaniel; and his daughter Erica, with her kids Riley and Christopher, and his daughter (dad’s great-grand-daughter) Carly.
Dad with his sister, Marion, and her kids Janice, Jackie, Sandra, and Geoffrey.
Dad with his sister-in-law Gloria and her daughters.
Dad with his brother-in-law Eric and his children Laura, Robert, Chris, Keith, and Phillip.
Dad with his in-laws Doug and Pat.
Dad with his grandson Chris, great-grand-daughter Carly, and her mother Lauren.
Dad with his sister, Pauline, and her partner Phillip.
Dad with his niece, Corrina.
Dad with his friend, Emma.
Dad cutting his birthday cake.